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If you take anything seriously you will always be busy, often miserable and frustrated. Since most things are simply Life-Events that occur during our time here on the planet, they are not to be solved they are to be experienced as we move forward. In our collectively distorted perception of life here on Earth we view most life event as "Problems" and then attempt to find solutions. This is where the unhappiness and frustration comes in. Since these happenings are Life Events they can't be solved but just lived through.

If you don't take anything seriously you will be free and filled with joy. You will acheive great success with little effort. Of course you will do things in response to your everyday life but you will not expect that these actions will be successful or unsuccessful. They will be whatever they turn out to be.

Imagine a Divine Creator who is wild and free, who inhabits both the dark and the light, who exudes mystery as well as goodness, who heals with strange beauty as much as with sweet insight, and who gives you puzzles that bring you to the brink of crazed excitement, at which point you break through into a higher way of knowing—an almost sensual contact with a marvelous, difficult, entertaining God

Under our tutelage, the authors of this site take you through that moment of twilight, through that crack in the universe between daylight and darkness into a world not merely other than your own, but an entirely different order of reality. Upon entering the crack you will romp with Pat and Aiden through the world of clowns, jesters, coyotes and fools while you unearth the paradox that is present in your daily lives. This irreverent look at the world from the mindsets and customs of both the Eastern and Western world will make you laugh and realize that what you will eat for breakfast is the most important thing in the world. For those who enjoy seeing esoteric views of our world and enjoy humorous examinations of our many follies, pick up your pack and join the archetypes as you travel down the road.

Give up the life you are living in order to start living the life you were meant to live!

James Aloysius Gibson aka Aiden Foster Quin copyright © 2004 all rights reserved



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    [Arts-and-Entertainment:Philosophy] Secrets about our shadowy nature reside in our unconscious mind. They eventually ooze out of the dark recesses where we've kept them hidden. Our shadow energies become destructive when we ignore them. Eventually they creep out into the world and when sadism is among our secrets denied - evil is unleashed. Someone always gets killed.
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