Little Noah
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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Well, one night I was doodling with words when
suddenly a 15 month old toddler named Noah came to life before my very eyes and has been around ever since, prancing about inspiring wonderful interviews with an
unidentified interviewer who was created along with him.

This site will eventually have a number of Noah Interviews interspersed throughout its body. We like to think of them as coming from a theme “Out of the Mouths of Babes.” And believe us, Noah himself really creates the interviews and we simply record them for him.

Get ready to meet Noah as he comments on Mel Gibson’s movie, 'The Passion of Christ.'

Interviewer: “The talk of the nation’s media is
focused on a new movie directed by Mel Gibson called
'The Passion of Christ.' Do you know anything about it?
And do you have an opinion?”

Noah: “I have an opinion about everything. I can tell
this is going to be an where I'll realy need by pacifier."

Noah: (Suck,suck, suck.) "I’ve told you in the past that I
eavesdrop on all adult conversations which usually make me
laugh. I also watch the news channels such as CNN
studiously. What do you want to know?”

Interviewer: “Well, what do think about it? Do you
think it is anti-Semitic? Do you think it is a
spiritual experience?”

Noah: “The support for this movie has been more than
any movie deserves. Rather than a movie it is more
like a position paper for Christian America, a
mainstream group growing rapidly in this country. Do
you know why they call it mainstream?”

Interviewer: “Actually, Noah I don’t know.”

Noah: “The reason mainstream is referred to as a stream
is because a stream is shallow. The rush to be Christ
fans immediately following a two hour movie is indicative
of the behavior of the herd. Suddenly, in one weekend
50,000,000 moviegoers buy trinkets of nails and
thorns to hang from their necks. And Mel Gibson’s
movie company has the license for the trinkets. This is the
ultimate in exploitation of the Christ story.”

Interviewer: “Go on with what you are saying. Once
again you sound as though you're cookin'.”

Noah: “After the first weekend of 'Gone With the Wind'
back in 1938, the entire movie going population did
not move to a southern plantation in Georgia. After the powerful impact of 'The Godfather' the entire movie population did not become members of the Mafia. Movies can be very powerful emotional experiences. But like
infatuation these emotional experiences fade into
oblivion and people find themselves back in the throws
of reality. The effect of 'The Passion' is similar to
the effects of a tent preacher who moves from town to
town converting people to Jesus. It’s like Bosco chocolate syrup: poof and you have instant chocolate milk. Instead of adding the Bosco you are adding an overly simplistic presentation of the Christ and poof you have instant Christian America."


Interviewer: “You have such an uncanny way of making
things so simple and clear.”

Noah: “It is very scary. Do you remember Nazi
Germany and how overnight an entire group of civilized
people became ruthless murders of eight million
Jews.? If any readers of this interview hate
me for what I am saying then they haven’t experienced a true conversion. Christ would love me throughout the entire interview regardless of my opinions. If you wish to silence me then you have become one of the “True Believers.”  The definition of fascism is: “a government that forcibly suppresses criticism.”

Interviewer: “You are on a great roll. Try not to fall asleep on me now. I notice you are stretching and yawning a lot."

Noah: “ I’m so glad that my fellow day care friends aren’t as precocious as I am and therefore they do not realize what is going on in the world.”

(Noah slowly slides down from his sitting position, with
pacifier in mouth and is suddenly sound asleep.)

(One half hour later, Noah wakes up. stretches and
stretches and stretches and sucks a few times on his
pacifier and begins to talk again as though he had
never stopped.)

Noah: “The trouble in the Mid-East is polarization of
Muslims against Christianity. The Mel Gibson movie
and the American Christian Movement is polarizing
Christians into a collective group. The polarization
of the two largest religions in the world is creating
a reaction that could end up in an Armageddon.
I might never live to see the age of five. I don’t
like that because I want to live a long time and
disseminate my thoughts.”

Interviewer: “My God, Noah, when you put it that way
it is so sad and so frightening. The thought of you
and all the other toddlers here at the day care center
not making it to age five. What a travesty that
would be!”

Noah: “That is why I hope people who read your
interviews with me will be able to be a little less
emotional in their reactivity and focus more on the
danger that Planet Earth is in at this time.”

Interviewer: : “This is so sad and makes me so angry - the thought of Golden Parachutes worth billions of dollars so a few CEO’s retire unimaginatively rich at the expense of a desecrated population.”  

Noah: “You remember Lord Acton’s quote, ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Well don’t forget Henry Kissinger’s quote, ‘Power is the greatest aphrodisiac.’”

Noah: "Millions of toddlers will die in the name of God.
Will it be Jesus or Allah? And will their deaths really be for a God named Jesus or Allah or rather will it be for a god named Money and Power?

James A. Gibson © 2004 all rights reserved