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Give up your current life in order to start living the life you were meant to live.

AND Discover "The Pooh in You" Wild-Wisdom Coaching presents the basic premise that the world of everyday life is not 'out there,' as we have believed it to be. Reality is merely someone elses interpretation.

Wild-Wisdom Coaching - Your coach is someone who mirrors you regularly as you move from one life choice to another. Failure can no longer be seen as a negative. It is simply the other side of the coin. Here’s a koan for you: contemplate a one-sided coin.

Your coach is someone who helps you move through the randomness, chaos, and absurdity of life with an accepting and understanding smile. Sometimes even a laugh. We will not be co-designers of YOUR life. YOU will design YOUR life and your coach will serve as a clear mirror reflecting YOUR OWN designs and blueprints.


Children create their realities as they move through a day. The same stick that was a baseball bat becomes a vaulter’s pole as the children imagine themselves floating sixteen feet into space. And, yet again, the same stick can be a cue stick as they shoot pool with rocks shooting the rocks into holes they dug in the ground in their own backyard. Again, it may be the staff of a royal Pharaoh ruling over Egypt. It could be a sword to duel with. It can be an oar to row down imaginary dangerous white waters. It could be the spear of a brave soldier marching with Alexander the Great into Asia. The same is so in the world of the artist. They create their reality. But, god-forbid if a responsible grown up does the same thing! They are immediately labeled infantile and irresponsible. Ninety-nine percent of the adult population falls into the category of grown up. A category that is not very successful in creativity.

Which category are you in? Tired of empty promises from traditional psychotherapy? Tired of being controlled by drugs and managed healthcare? Take a giant step and commit to Wild-Wisdom Coaching. The coaches were once traditional psychotherapists who realized that the medical model had taken hold of ordinary life experiences and translated them into official diagnoses and treated them according to a rigid medical protocol. Wild-Wisdom Coaching returns the patient to the status of the person. It returns psychopathology to the status of life-events. You will be educated on how not to be the patient and you will be reoriented on how not to consider your daily events as psychopathology. The Wild-Wisdom Coaching Center offers you innovative character building educational programs that maximize effectiveness at work and at home by helping you to: 1. Cultivate awareness 2. Know your purpose 3. Discover balance
4. Develop a flexible mind

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